People get confused with the term DevOps beyond the fact that it is a combination of the words “Development” and “Operations”. Some think that it means increased automation beyond automated testing. Some describe it as a set of tools put together to make the development and operations move faster and some think it is a set of skills to make businesses more agile. As per the commonly accepted definition, it is a combination of all three factors, people, process and technologies, forming a special culture enabling IT organizations to deliver your business needs faster and accurately.

Our Experience

When it comes to DevOps, Mitra carries a vast set of experiences around following areas:


Certified professionals
Product Partnerships
Automation skills


Certified scrum masters
Project experience running multiple Agile engagements


Microservice implementation and integration capabilities
Partnership with middleware and cloud service providers

Mitra Maturity Model - M3

At Mitra, we use the Mitra Maturity Model (a.k.a. M3) consistent with industry measurement standards to measure the exact maturity of your individual lanes using a well defined one-to-five scale. We do this by using a very comprehensive set of questions that we ask in face-to-face interviews with multiple stakeholders from an organization representing all involved segments.

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    Q1 Test Automation

    Q2 Deployment Speed

    Q3 Release Strategy

    Q4 Delivery Team Structure

    Q5 Change Failure