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About Us

Mitra Innovation is a Digital Advancement company. We help our customers stay ahead by harnessing the power of digital and cloud technologies. We help them make sense of a rapidly evolving technology landscape and exploit the best to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We unlock the potential in their data and help securely manage, control and exploit it . We enable our customers to innovate, scale and grow their business. We’d love to explore the challenges and opportunities your business faces and how Mitra could help. 
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What we do

We help companies grasp the power of digital transformation to optimise their customer experience and grow their business in a rapidly changing world.  We help you develop and bring together all the essential elements of your digital strategy, data architecture and technology roadmap from whatever point you are at on your journey. We can incubate new ideas end to end and be with you every step of the way.

We can get systems working securely together to deliver better customer experience

We bring real time data sources together to generate better insight

We can incubate new ideas using the AI5 framework and be with you every step of the way

We can get your platforms into the cloud to enable better, secure collaboration – internally and externally



Our team of domain experts and thought leaders will analyse your business pain points and opportunities and through exploratory workshops we help you define a digital strategy and technology roadmap as well as an enterprise and data architecture.
Additional services include:

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Data Analytics & Visualisation
  • Enterprise and Data Architecture
  • Prototypes and Proof of Concept Trials
  • Product and Technology Evaluation
  • Solution Design


We help you implement your digital roadmap and technology transformation. From project and programme management, UX / CX design and software development, through to quality assurance and in-life operations and maintenance. Mitra has the skills and agile delivery experience to realise the most complex and ambitious transformations.
Services also include:

  • Systems Integration
  • Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Business and
    Robotic Process Automation
  • Staff Augmentation


Mitra Innovation have considerable experience of providing ongoing management, maintenance and support of digital platforms and applications. We handle the hassle and complexity of operating your integrated systems and processes allowing your teams to focus on high value work that adds the most value to your business.
Our managed services also cover:

  • Multi-level support desks
  • Dedicated IT support teams
  • Shared services providing optimal efficiency
  • Managed roadmap, upgrades and security
  • DevOps


Banking and

  • KYC & customer 360
  • Identity and secure access
  • Open banking
  • Complience and audit ready 

Telecommunications and utilities

  • Unified customer portal
  • Seemless customer experience
  • Data management and exploitation
  • Field force optimisation

Healthcare and pharmaceutical

  • 360 Digital patient records
  • Seemless multi-service experience
  • Data analytics and trend identification
  • Resource planning and optimisation

High street and online retail

  • Integrated supply chain visibility
  • Just-in-time stock control
  • Seemless store and online experience
  • Customer behaviour and trends


  • Tech savvy students
  • Martini learning
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Digital Campus

Public sector and smart cities

  • Digital citizen engagement
  • Secure data sharing
  • Population and behavioural insights
  • Energy and pollution management



Mitra Innovation is a WSO2 Premier Certified Integration Partner. We are experts in WSO2 technology and methodologies. Using the WSO2 framework we can help you integrate systems, develop and support secure API’s and create application ecosystems.


AWS officially recognises Mitra Innovation as a trusted Consulting Partner for enterprises and organisations utilising – and needing help with – the AWS Platform. Whatever your cloud aspirations with AWS Mitra can support and guide you.


Mitra Innovation are experts in working with the Del Boomi integration platform, delivering seamless integration of applications, data and people across your business

Mitra have significant experience of working with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. For those customers who favour Azure over AWS and G-Cloud


Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company, which has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Mitra Innovation as a Creatio Integrator Partner helps businesses leverage Creatio’s intelligent platform to accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations.

Netcall is a cutting edge low-code platform that helps transform customer experience, speed up transformation and improve IT performance. Mitra with its extensive product development experience is able to better develop full-stack apps with blistering speed by leveraging the Netcall platform.

Case Studies

Enterprise Service Bus and API’s delivering systems integration, seamless employee / customer experience and rapid agile innovation.

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Providing consistent platforms, systems and experience across multiple organisations and deliver real time data and reports.

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Mitra produced a detailed report around the key DevOps aspects of People, Process, Technology and Culture, including detailed maturity indexes across the business,

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Events & News

Global Covid-19 Outbreak : Mitra Communiqué

March 2020
V 1.0 10/03/2020

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) gathers momentum globally, Mitra continues to actively monitor the situation,
and in the face of growing concern over the coronavirus’s impact on the health, operations, and economic success of our team members, customers and partners. We wanted to share an update on actions we have taken to maintain our ability to serve customers and minimize any potential risks for our collective employees. We are keeping up-to-date with guidance as it continues to be released from relevant bodies (WHO, Public Health England, SL Ministry of Health). All preventative measures taken are applicable across all Mitra offices globally. 

Our response plan to the Covid-19 thread will encompass the following three fronts.

  1. Workplace
  • Additional hygiene measures are being put in place at all offices with hand sanitation dispensers placed in public areas where physical contamination is possible (finger scan devices, common areas, etc) as well as disinfection of office spaces
  • Awareness campaigns for staff are being regularly conducted educating them of effective personal hygiene practices and guidelines
  • All staff members are required to practise self quarantine if they display cold, cough or fever like symptoms

2.Business Travel

  • All business travel has been suspended until further notice
  • Any staff member returning from a country or area where there has been confirmed cases of the virus is requested to self isolate and work from home for a period of 14 days
  • We are closely monitoring the fast-changing situation regarding all territories and will continue to update our measures based on guidance from authorities
  • Our team members at client locations in affected areas are advised to practice a work-from-home policy to continue to serve the respective customers. We will work with our customers, where required, to enable the remote infrastructure required to continue delivering on our commitments

3.Incident Management and Business Continuity

  • In the case of any outbreak Mitra will comply by the advisories released by relevant authorised bodies and be compliant to guidelines
  • Mitra has a comprehensive BCP plan which allows for staff to work from home or remote locations and not rely upon physical access to a Mitra office
  • Continuous situation monitoring is being conducted to ensure all proactive steps are taken to ensure minimal interruption to business and business continuity is maintained

We reassure you that we are in no way slowing down our business-as-usual functions. We already extensively use video conferencing and other distributed collaboration tools for a large number of our activities, and we will continue to do so during this period.


Should you require any further information regarding Mitra Innovation’ response to the Covid-19 outbreak you may write to or


Creating value in the hyper-connected world through API’s. Click here to listen to this webinar which explores the importance and power of having an API strategy that keeps pace with the rapidly changing world of technology we live in.

Innovation Martlesham Expo

Mitra were delighted to be one of 40 companies to have a stand at the IM Expo event at BT Adastral Park the home of BT’s R&D activities and a tech closter of over 130 companies including the likes of Nokia, Huawei and Cisco. Click here for more info

Mitra Innovation announces partnership with Creatio

“Mitra Innovation is delighted to announce its partnership with Creatio (formerly bpm’online), a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company,” Read more here